The time passes too quickly! Already two weeks are over and I didn’t write down what’s happened in my master class session 🙁 After a hectic start in my new semester and the finishing of our research report about the knowledge transfer out of the SocialBar into non profit organizations now, I think, it’s time for a summery review of a very nice and productive session about Internet, Social Media & Volunteering at the 19th Volonteurope Conference in Athens:

The first goal of my session was to present the Internet as a daily platform for everyone. People around the world use the Internet and voice public what’s going on in their daily lives. These people maybe also stakeholders and volunteers of the single organization that sent a participant to this Volonteurope Conference. I already wrote which metaphor I would use to describe this fact:

We are all CYBORGS!

The second goal of my session was to discuss a couple of tools that are maybe useful for volunteer managers. Unfortunately I could only discus 3 tools because I ran out of time. But the main thing here was not to discuss the tools I use or better I think that are useful for managing volunteers. The main thing was to give an idea of how to discuss new tools.

In my opinion there is no common truth about the different tools that are easily available via the so called Web 2.0. Because everybody must find his/her own way to become familiar with Blogs, social networking services, Wikis and so on, everybody has to build up his/her one opinion about it. Therefore I think it is highly unproductive to pretend that there is any common truth.

[slideshare id=5676954&doc=prsentationinternetsocialmediaandvolunteering-101105070754-phpapp01]

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